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The Client: Whiteout Mail.

Whiteout Mail is an easy-to-use email client that has all the technology needed for encryption and key management on board. The client can run in your browser, as a Chrome packaged application on your desktop, and is also available for Android and iOS. A responsive design adapts automatically to the available screen size.

Key management is built directly into the client. New users can generate a key pair directly in the client. Alternatively an existing key pair can be imported. Confidential messages are encrypted directly in the client for genuine end-to-end encryption.

Whiteout Mail works with any IMAP-capable mail server, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook 365, and many others. The client is open source and free.

The Service: Whiteout Mailbox

Whiteout Mailbox is a privacy-by-design mail service that is engineered from the ground up for maximum protection of sensitive data. All messages are encrypted with the user’s public key, including those that arrive without encryption. For these messages the service also provides virus filtering and spam protection. New users receive a new email address for use with Whiteout Mailbox. Custom domains are also supported.

Whiteout Mailbox is hosted in Germany and there are various payment options available depending on customer needs.

Automatic Key Lookup and Synchronization.

An integrated key management makes handling the all-important PGP keys much easier. When new users generate their key pair for the first time, the private key is automatically backed up in encrypted form. Users can unlock the encrypted private key with a special backup code for recovery in case of loss and for synchronization to a new device.

Automatic key lookup makes finding public keys of Whiteout users as well as other PGP users completely transparent by querying a list of well-known key servers.

Cross-Platform. Runs Everywhere.

Whiteout Mail is the first PGP-enabled email client available on all relevant platforms. The application is written in HTML5 and Javascript for maximum portability across all devices. The responsive design ensures optimum screen layout for any device form factor.

Whiteout Mail is currently available as:

Open Source

All source code for Whiteout Mail is published. This ensures that the worldwide community of security experts can inspect the code and identify errors. Because the code is delivered as Javascript to the device, users can verify that the code that is executed on their device is identical to the published version and that no backdoors have been introduced.

Whiteout Networks is also actively working with leading developers around the world in several important projects that are required for encrypted email communication, among them the OpenPGP.js library and also the Email.js library.

Interoperable Security

End-to-end encryption to protect your messages. Only you have access to your private key and only you can read your message on your device. We do not have the private key and therefor cannot access any of your message contents on our server.

Encryption is standard OpenPGP which means that you can send and receive messages with any existing PGP or GPG user. Public key exchange is compatible with standard HKP/PKS servers so that your recipient does not have to change their setup.

Read more on our security page.